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project life 2012: ending + beginning

(I had this post written in August, but forgot about it until now. Oops!)


At the end of June, I looked at the Project Life album I had been working on since January and realized that the first half of the year had taken up 3/4 of the album. There was no way I could fit six more months into the same album, so I decided to divide 2012 into two volumes. I mentioned in a previous post—I think week 27—that starting a new album meant I needed to make a closing page for the first one and an intro for the second one. 


I took a couple weeks to think about the closing of my first album, and decided to use cards from my Clementine Kit that are meant for the first and last pages of an album. If the right journaling ever comes to me for this page, I can add it then. For now, the stock cards were a no-brainer. 


I really liked the cover page of my first album, so I didn't want to come up with something totally new for the second. I took the basic design of my first album and copied it to the second one, changing the main color to make it look fresh. I chose patterned papers to match, and found a different picture of Dan and I for the top right pocket. I even updated our silhouettes. Here's the patterned paper and color scheme from volume 1, and then volume 2. 


(In case you get confused: I used older overview shots of the first album, so they don't say VOLUME 1.)


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project life 2012: week 33 + 34

Welcome to week 33 (Aug 12–18) and 34 (Aug 19–25). I worked a ridiculous amount of hours last week, so Project Life had to take a backseat. Luckily, it didn't take very long to catch up on the last two weeks. When I posted week 32, I mentioned that I hadn't taken many photos for week 33. Much to my surprise, I had enough to do the week's spread plus a 6x12 insert! Let's get to a quick overview. 


Week 33 highlights:

 – We attended the "soft open" service at Crossroads Florence, and then went to our new Orange Leaf for frozen yogurt.

 – I started using our new pans, and they are amazing. I definitely recommend them if you want stainless cookware. 

 – We went to Louisville to see MUMFORD & SONS! It was a great show, and a packed one! 

 – Date night included some well-deserved wine and homemade pizza. It was perfect. 

 – On Saturday, we made dinner for friends and did some newborn photos with them (photo with the shoes). 



Week 34 highlights: 

 – I didn't get any pictures, but the first official Crossroads Florence service was a hit. Both services were packed.

 – I went to Wisconsin for a couple days with work. I always enjoy driving past the wind farm in Illinois (or is it Indiana?). 

 – It was a busy week seeing parts of our show booth, and collecting everything to ship to the show. 

 – We had friends over for dinner and a movie on Friday night. Thanks to Dan for cooking a delicious dinner. 

 – I checked on our garden Saturday, and we finally have some bell peppers growing! We thought they would never grow. 

 – Somehow our tomato plants have about 30 tomatoes of varying sizes. It's crazy! 

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project life 2012: week 32

Welcome to week 32 (Aug 5–11). This post will be quick because this week is super busy. I'm not sure what kind of pictures I'll have for week 33 because I haven't taken many. 


Highlights of the week:

 – Dan hung our new pot rack! 

 – We had the Crossroads Florence (Y'all) dedication, and got to see the new, AWESOME building.  

 – For date night we watched a movie and worked on our LEGO Eiffel Tower. We have a long way to go. 

 – We have a total of four tomatoes growing now!  




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project life 2012: week 31

Welcome to week 31 (Jul 29 – Aug 04). The photos that I chose this week made my journaling organized and easy. I like when that happens. I ended up with photos from four days this week—Sunday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday—and it turned out I had four vertical spots open for journaling cards. 



Sunday included the garden photos, visiting our local farmer's market for the first time, and spraying our cabbages with some (non-chemical) worm killer. You wouldn't believe how the cabbages have turned around since week 30. I should have included photos from the end of this week instead of the beginning, but I had already printed these. Thursday included Dan's sinus surgery, hence the photo of him with gauze on his nose. He did really well through the surgery. 



Friday included a fun maternity session for friends. We took some images at their adorable home, and then headed to the Red's game for more shots. I'm still sorting through those and having a hard time narrowing them! Friday's journaling card is a folded 4x6 card with an index tab to show that there are notes inside.


Saturday was another craft day with my friend, Nicole, while Dan and his friend, Tim, went out to the family farm. Instead of working on the painted canvas I showed a couple weeks ago, I decided to frame a few things. I took pictures of the framed art and combined them in Photoshop. Nicole and I made a pizza with homemade whole wheat pizza dough, sun-dried tomato pesto, onions, tomatoes, kalamata olives, chicken sausage, ricotta and mozzarella cheeses. It was the best homemade pizza I've had so far.



That's it! I'm glad I was able to include a little more journaling on paper and keep the photos clean. On to week 32!  

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project life 2012: week 30

Week 30 (Jul 22–28) is in the books, and I went a little overboard on the photos. Unlike last week, I had a lot of things I wanted to include so I ended up using two 6x12 inserts. It would've been helpful to add little title tabs on the inserts before I took these pictures, but I didn't remember them until afterwards.   



The Green Bean Delivery bin is nothing new around here, but I wanted to document that we're still getting deliveries every other week. If you're in the tri-state area (Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio) I highly recommend this service for getting local and organic groceries.


Insert #1 covered the Olympic Opening Ceremonies. I grabbed a 2012 London logo from the internet, and used that as an intro.


Insert #2 was a garden update. I designed and used the "GARDEN PARTY UPDATE" card at the end of June, so I figured I'd do it again for the end of July. It's crazy to think how I planted the tomatoes and basil at the end of June and they've grown so much since then. On the back of the garden insert (below, top left), you can see how pitiful our cabbages look. We've had cabbage worms eating up the leaves, so I won't be surprised if we don't have any cabbages when the growing season is complete. We just tried a caterpillar killer formula that's safe and chemical-free, so we'll see how that works. 


Our friends, Sheri and Adam, were on their way South and stayed with us for a night. After dinner and dessert, we made popcorn and watched a 3D movie together, hence the glasses in the bottom right. They need to come and visit more often! Hear that, Sheri?


YAY for new cookware! Our old pots and pans are just that—OLD. They're all scratched or seeping their nasty nonstick chemicals into our food. On our journey to rid our house and bodies of dirty things—chemicals, processed foods and such—cookware was next on the list. The set we got is really too pretty to use, so that presents a problem. Now we need to hang the pot rack we bought and start using everything. Next on the list: new cutting boards! 


If you're curious about Project Life, it's a simple scrapbooking system created by Becky Higgins. You can learn more here.

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Michelle Adams :  Love that you documented the Olympics! 08/01/12 2:55pm

project life 2012: week twenty-nine

Welcome to week 29 (Jul 15–21)! Even though I took plenty of pictures this week, the favorites list was slim. That's the way it goes some weeks. I'm still happy with the spread, though.  



We moved date night to Wednesday this week, and went to a Blind Pilot concert in Cincinnati. What a great show. The best part was the end—the band came down to the floor level and performed an acoustic version of their final song. I included pictures of the venue and their merch table, which had a pretty cool setup. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a big camera with me so the iPhone shots are all I have, but they're better than nothing. 


Dan and I are addicted to the Song Pop game lately, so I took a screenshot of one of our games. I did this with other games and things throughout the year, too, just to document the stuff that we're into right now.    



You'll see the usual garden growth photos, and our first harvested jalapeño! We got a lot of rain this week, so everything shot up in the garden. I'm thinking of harvesting our basil this weekend and making homemade pizza with pesto sauce.


Saturday was craft day and I took a few photos to record that. While Dan was out to see a movie, a friend and I got together for crafting, wine, and cooking. I started painting a new canvas—picture above in orange and gray—but it will look much different when it's finished. Saturday was such a nice change of pace and I'm glad to get a new painting started. Maybe I'll get some other projects completed this year! There are so many things I want to do. 


As you can see, my go-to technique this week was writing on photos with my white Sharpie again. That's about it for the week! 


If you're curious about Project Life, it's a scrapbooking system created by Becky Higgins. You can learn more here.

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project life 2012: week twenty-eight

Welcome to week 28 (Jul 08–14).


This week I realized that the first six months of my Project Life were taking up 3/4 of my album. I wasn't sure if I could fit the remaining six months in the same album, so I went ahead and bought another one—and some for 2013 while I was at it. This means I'll still have the freedom to add inserts when I have extra content, and my first album is filled nicely without being too stuffed or heavy. Starting a new album also means I get to make an ending page for my first album and a new title page for my second. I'm still working on those, so I'll post them later. 



There were some fun additions this week—like a new pair of glasses and a quick snap from visiting the dentist. I'm curious to see how the dental technology changes in the future. Big Brother 14 premiered this week, which is a guilty summer pleasure of ours. The recycling dumpster might seem odd, but we've been looking for a place to recycle. We were surprised to see this new one near our house. 


We had two parties on Saturday, a baby "sprinkle" and a birthday party, so I included a little bit from each of those.



That's about it for week 28... some random things and a lot of sticky labels for my journaling. 

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project life 2012: week twenty-seven

Week 27 (Jul 01–07) is in the books, and there's not much to explain here. 



This spread mainly consists of two days—the fourth and seventh of July. I let the holiday take up the whole left side, and let Saturday (minus the chocolate pie and a little journaling for Friday) take up the right side. The raspberry pie came from a Clean Eating magazine issue, but the chocolate-strawberry pie came from my favorite dessert blog. 


My new favorite technique is writing on photos with a white Sharpie. I also printed blue lines on white labels to make them look like index card pieces without all the cutting.     


I noticed some little flowers blooming on one of our tomato plants, and one of our jalapeno plants magically grew five more peppers since the last time I looked at it! Instead of using stickers, I wrote little numbers directly on the photo this time. I wasn't able to get a group shot for girls' night out, but I got our feet standing in line and wrote names on it. That's about it—just a simple week and a simple spread to go with it. 


If you're curious about Project Life, it's a scrapbooking system created by Becky Higgins. You can learn more here.

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project life 2012: week twenty-six

I've made it to week 26 (Jun 24–30) and I am still in love with this project. 


We've hit the halfway mark on 2012 and I thought it would be a good time to post an update. I've had several friends ask me about this project and whether I'm still keeping up with it. Blogging failure aside, once I set my intentions for the direction of the album and the time I wanted to commit (and stuck to them) things went pretty smoothly. Even if I got behind from traveling, it didn't take too long for me to catch up again.


In the beginning, I decided that the style of my album would have to be super simple if I wanted to keep up with it and stay interested. This meant printing photos with little editing, journaling with my own handwriting, and using my core kit as much as possible—just photos + handwriting + occasional flair. And I was fine if a majority of those photos came from my iPhone. I try to use the same techniques over and over to keep things consistent and easy. 


I still have 26 weeks to go so my album is nowhere near complete, but so far I'm happy with my approach and the collection of memories I have in one place. I decided to take a picture a day this year to help fill the album, and I find myself wanting to take even more to document the everyday things. I am already thinking about my album for 2013, and was happy to read an update on the products coming soon. Here's a quick overview of week twenty-six... 



I found a couple dough recipes recently that we really like. One is for honey whole wheat bread and the other is a whole wheat pizza dough altered to make it clean. 


The fence photo on the bottom actually has a woodpecker in it, but I couldn't get close enough to him. I went out one morning to check on our garden and saw this guy chomping on a neighbor's fence!  



Back in May, we got to meet the awesome Jess & Brett from Life in Balance Photography and have a photo session for our fifth anniversary. We got to see all of the images and a blog post about the session, so I included one in the album. 



I added a 6x12, 3-slot insert for some extra garden pictures I took during the week. We recently added tomato and basil starter plants to the garden, so our space is filled. We have three jalapenos growing so far, and I numbered those with stickers. I just planted more white and green onions because the first round didn't really sprout, so I hope to see those growing soon. 


Here you can see the back of the garden insert and two photos of the Anderson Ferry that goes from N. Kentucky to Cincinnati. Friday night's storm took our neighbor's trampoline and threw it over a fence—it was crazy! Thankfully, we didn't lose power. Friday nights have become date nights, and usually involve watching a movie in the basement. This week we moved date night to Saturday, but the result was the same.


If you're curious about Project Life, it's a scrapbooking system created by Becky Higgins. You can learn more here.

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Michelle Adams :  LOVE it!!!! I want to start it, but just haven't done it. Haven't taken many photos this year, so maybe a good thing that I didn't this year - LOL! 07/08/12 8:49pm

project life 2012: week three


Here we are at week three—still working on new habits, like meal planning, and still getting back into the groove of life after the holidays. This week I was able to include some fun things around work and home. Early in the week I made our own whole wheat bread with sundried tomatoes and parmesan cheese. It was surprisingly easy and really good. At work, my show season is in full swing, and things are BUSY! An image and a quote were chosen for a feature story in an industry magazine, so that was exciting. Not so exciting? The weather. It was dreary and disgusting. 


I guess this page is out of order because the wall wasn't torn down in the bottom pictures, but during the week we watched a couple movies on the big screen—Forks Over Knives (documentary) and Toy Story in 3D (hence the 3D glasses). I still can't believe that I can watch 3D movies in my own basement, let alone movies that are projected at 120 inches wide. In the top right picture, we started building a LEGO Eiffel Tower.


Dan worked on the basement and knocked out more of the wall. On Saturday morning, we went to the hardware store to buy all the lumber and supplies for the wall structure. The basement looks so different every time I see it. It's really cool to see the transformation and the work that Dan is putting into it. 


Not much to explain this week, and still loving this project.

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